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So many issues face us. Don can provide the leadership necessary to tackle them and make our community a better place as a result.


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If elected Don will give voice to the voiceless.  He believes that the education system has left many of our students behind.  Don will make the education of ALL students a top priority.




Military Strength


Don believes that the United States maintains a military to protect our homeland and impose America’s will on its enemies and to prevent a would be enemy from doing so to the United States.  As a result, the United States must maintain a military strong enough to be able to win decisively in combat.  In order to accomplish this, Don believes our military must be equipped with properly maintained modern equipment and adequately staffed and provisioned units. 


Low Taxes



Don believes that Washingtonians work hard for their money and they deserve the opportunity to save, spend, and invest as they see fit. Don believes that keeping taxes low will strengthen the middle-class and open up new opportunities for Washington families and families throughout America.



Support our Police


Don will support our police and all of our first responders.  Don believes that law and order is paramount for our society.  These are the guy who keep us safe and make sacrifices that we many never know to do this.  Let’s bring law and order back to our streets and reduce our crime rate.



Maintain and recover our Freedom


Don believes that we must maintain and recover our lost freedoms.  He fully supports our second amendment rights as well as all of our other rights.  We must never let our guard down, and must always fight to keep our freedoms.  The U.S.A. is the shining city on the hill because of our freedoms.  Don will fight to keep and recover our freedoms.


Fiscal Responsibility

Don will work to make our government become more fiscally responsible.  Our government needs to spend money as if it is their own money, not as if it is just someone else’s money.  We don’t need a government that buys stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have. 



America First


Don believes in putting America first.  This does not mean put America only, but if we do not take care of ourselves, we will not be able to help others.  This includes taking care of ourselves by protecting our borders and the security of our own country.



The Four Branches of Government

Don believes that there are four branches of government.  The Executive branch, the Legislative branch, the Judicial branch, and the People.  The fourth branch of government, the people need to take back our government, and this can only be done with a representative like Don who will bring your voice and empower you as the fourth branch of government to regain control of your government.



Common Sense


With Don, we will bring back common sense to our government and not allow our country to be destroyed by stupid government policies.  We will not destroy ourselves and lose our freedoms.







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